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"Consider the Oyster" is offbeat perfection

Rating:  4 out of Fordyce

The folks at the Purple Rose Theatre are continuing their “All Michigan” season with Consider the Oyster.  The talented folks from Chelsea picked the right play for summer. It is an offbeat comedy by David MacGregor that forces you to believe some very strange things like the Detroit Lions winning the Superbowl and the possibility that oysters can cause a sex change. That is the silly premise that will keep you laughing for two hours!  It is a play full of surprises and some really good lines.

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“Some Couples May” may make you smile

Rating:  4 out of Fordyce

Now at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea is Some Couples May. This delightful show by Carey Crim is the story of Emily and David, a 30-something couple trying to get pregnant. They interact with his brother and wife, who seem to have no trouble making babies, and the parents of these different-as-night-and-day brothers. Mixed in is a dominatrix, who has a secret about one of the men.

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“Corktown” a hometown show from a hometown theatre (includes interview with Guy Sanville)

Rating:  4 out of Fordyce

Now playing at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea is Corktown. This is one of the most unusual plays I have ever seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The show was written by Michael Brian Ogden and, in an unusual twist, also stars Michael Brian Ogden. This man writes and acts well, and I was very pleased with a script that mixes the Godfather, Saint Patrick’s Day, and the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit all together in a tale of two hitmen in the Irish version of organized crime.

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MIentertainment Daily News - 10-25-2010

Aired 10-25-2010: Jim talks about a weekend of plays, trains, and galas, plus Paranormal Numbers and Madonna’s new boy toy.

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MIentertainment Daily News - 10-25-2010


"Best of Friends": offbeat comedy from Jeff Daniels

Rating: 3 out of Fordyce

The 20th season is off and running at Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea.  The first play of the year comes to us from none other than Mr. Daniels himself. Best of Friends introduces us to two couples who at first seem like best friends who do everything together. But we quickly learn they have some conflicts and secrets.

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MIentertainment Daily News - 8-27-2010

Aired 08-27-2010: Jim tells you about the train rides in Owosso, a Dark Play, and your last chance to see SOM. And Happy Birthday to the Captain.

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MIentertainment Daily News - 8-27-2010