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Aired 07/07/2010: Today’s show was packed with announcements and shows. Folks from Annie Circle Theater dropped by and we learn of the return of the Barn Theater. Zoo Days, Stephen West Show, Common Ground, Five Course Love, and the opening of the East Lansing Farmer’s Market are all on the agenda. And, as always, news of the weird!

Click to play the audio below or download the MP3 at the bottom of this post. Some commercials have been removed from the broadcast.

Guest List

Jennifer Hunter, Director, Annie Circle Theater

Michelle Carlson, Market Manager, East Lansing Farmer’s Market

Scott Keith, Common Ground Music Fest.

Barb Collin, Stephen West Show

Tony Caselli, Artistic Director, Five Course Love

Penelope Ragzoty, Barn Theater

Peppermint Jim

MI Afternoon - 7-7-2010 (Full Show)

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